7 Days Trip

  • Dates

    3/10 to 9/10/2020
    17/10 to 24/10/2020

  • Min/Max attendance:

    2 – 16 Participants

  • Prerequisites:

    Age 15 and above, swimming knowledge

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Difficulty Level: (Average weather conditions)

Meeting Point: Mikros Gialos

Day 1: Welcoming
Day 2: 6 Nautical Miles
Day 3: 7.5 Nautical Miles
Day 4: 5 Nautical Miles
Day 5: 8.5 Nautical Miles
Day 6: 7.5 Nautical Miles
Day 7: 8.5 Nautical Miles


Experienced British Canoeing 4 Star Seak Kayak leader
Double seat in Kayaks
PFD (life jacket)
Dry bags
Safety Equipement
2 Person Tent
All top quality paddling, camping and safety gear.
One (1) night accomodation (First Night)
Four (4) nights wild camping
Two (2) Camping Site
6 Breakfasts
6 Launches (except first day)
5 Meal (taverna)
1 Wild camping meals
Fruits & Snacks
VAT 24%

(Optional Extras: Transfers: From and back to Aktion National Aiport - Greece=100 €)


Swimming suit and hat,
Sun screen,
Sun glasses,
Water flask,
Shoes that will get wet,
Light clothes, as well as some warmer one,
Rain jacket,
Head torch,
Camping pillow,
Sleeping bag,
Mosquito repellent,
Any medication needed for special personal medical condition.



Sleeping Mat
Small rack sack to carry items through the day
Hiking shoes/trainers for exploring
Warm jacket or jumper
Water proof jacket and Trousers
Long sleeve shirt and Trousers
Lightweight breathable Clothes for kayaking

From the northwestern to the southwestern tip of Lefkada, a six-day excursion with a beachside camp on the west coast of the island with the world-renowned beaches of Egremni and Porto Katsiki. The coastline and the unpredictability of the weather make it an ideal excursion for experienced kayakers.

Day 1: The meeting point is the hotel in the city of Lefkada, where there will be an acquaintance with the escorts, then there will be free time for relaxation and in the evening we will dine in a traditional tavern.

Day 2: We will be transferred to Agios Ioannis beach early in the morning (09:30), we will place our personal belongings and our equipment in the kayaks and we will start with a final destination the famous Kathisma beach. During this route we will make two stops at Agios Nikitas beach and Mylos beach for swimming and exploration. Arriving at Kathisma beach we will set up our tents on the impressive sandy beach and then we will dine.

Day 3: We will start from Kathisma beach with final destination Gialos beach, this route will give us the opportunity to paddle to one of the most beautiful places of the Ionian, kilometers of deserted beaches and steep cliffs compose one of the most impressive scenery in Greece, we will also have the ability to dismiss the company of cormorants as well as to travel with dolphins and sea turtles. Arriving at Gialos beach we prepare our tents and enjoy bbq by the sea.

Day 4: We leave behind Gialos beach and start to meet a different landscape with high slopes, where at the base there is the beach Egremnoi for many is the most beautiful beach of the island, we will stop for swimming and exploration. Then we reach another award-winning and beautiful beach, Porto Katsiki, where we will spend the night.

Day 5: The day is characterized by the difficult passage of Kavos, while rowing at this point we will meet the lighthouse and the ruins of the temple of Apollo. Slopes, caves, steep cliffs and seventeen kilometers of rowing to the bay of Vasiliki, where our final destination is. There we will dine in a tavern and spend the night in organized camping.

Day 6: We are located on the southern coast of Lefkada, the landscapes are changing and now we are rowing on a verdant coastline with the foliage of the trees touching the surface of the sea. Small deserted beaches will accommodate us for swimming and relaxation until we reach Afteli beach for an overnight stay.

Day 7: Picturesque fishing villages, small beaches that host red starfish and underwater caves are the images that will give us today, we have now left the beach Afteli and we are heading to the beach Mikros Gialos, a great and fun stop in our cosmopolitan port of Syvota will give us mental health. The day will end with an overnight stay at an organized camping on Mikros Gialos beach, dinner and farewell party.


1100 / person
  • No private course

Additional Kayak programs

  • Dates

    3/10 to 9/10/2020 17/10 to 24/10/2020

  • Prerequisites:

    Age 15 and above, swimming knowledge

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Sea kayaks can take loads of gear, however, the more you have, the
heavier (and slower) your kayak is. It is also more difficult and
time-consuming to pack and unpack. The key is to keep everything to a
minimum. Everything should be packed in dry-bags. Many smaller
dry-bags are preferable to a few larger ones. 20 litres (20cm diameter)
should be the maximum size. I suggest 2, 20 litre dry-bags and 5-7
smaller ones of various sizes and colours.

Single Kayak or Double (Tanden) Expedition Kayak with Rudder Paddle

Spray-deck (PVC or Neoprene)
Buoyancy-aid (a PFD)
Laminated A4 maps
Expedition first aid kit
Safety gear - EPIRB, flares, tow lines, spare paddles, spare spray-deck
Communication equipment: cell phones, VHF radio
Camping gear - bring what you have, otherwise you can loan or hire from
Sea Kayak Milos (please pre-book):

Lightweight tent with sandpegs - 2-man tent available for hire €50/ week
Foam or inflatable mattress - Exped synmat available for hire €20/ week
Sleeping bag
Head torch
Mug, plate and cutlery - available for loan
Dry-bags (2 x 20litre and 5-7 smaller ones) - I have some available for
NB: All cooking equipment is provided - stove, pots, utensils,

Personal Items - You bring

Paddling gear:

Quick dry shirt (a long sleeve shirt - a "running top" or "rashy" is
Quick dry or neoprene shorts
Waterproof paddling jacket (i.e. A cag or cagoule) - available for hire
€20/ week
Swimming costume
Sport sandals, water shoes, neoprene booties or "crocs'
Hat and sunglasses with retaining straps, sunscreen
Additional paddling gear for late and early season expeditions; November
to April.

Neoprene or "Reed" trousers
extra base layer
A warm hat
pogies or gloves
Dry clothes:

Pair of trainers or walking shoes
2 T-shirts or similar
1 shorts
1 trousers
1 thermal top base layer
1 fleece
warm hat
Underwear and sox

Pak-towel or similar
Insect repellant
Toilet paper
Phone, power bank
Waterproof camera or camera in a waterproof container
How to pack!

I suggest you all pack everything into dry bags before you leave home.

This is my system for packing:

20lt – clothing

20lt – Extras (things you do not necessarily need on a day to day basis
and can usually stay in the boat: first-aid kit, repair kit, spare
clothes (perhaps thermals, hat, gloves, a clean shirt), spare
sunglasses, sun cream, toilet paper, batteries, spare anything else)

12lt – sleeping bag

12lt – tent

12lt – mattress

12lt - shoes

12lt – food I use just one for bread, crackers, biscuits, etc, Food,
for the most part (tins, jars, bottles and packets) does not need to go
in a dry bag and can stay loose or in plastic shopping bags.

12lt – stove (best in a dry bag as salt water corrodes gas burners)

8lt - Cag and

5lt – toiletries (tooth brush & paste, shampoo, toilet paper, wet wipes,
medications, etc)

5lt – electronics and books – head torch, book, diary, phone, batteries,
chargers, (probably worth double bagging!)