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Why Periplous


We are a thematic tour operator. The themes of our trips result from the contact with culture and nature. Due to our holistic perception philosophy on experience, our activities take an experiential character. Our goal is the harmonious and essential coexistence in space and time

Our Philosophy

We give every client a private and individual service emphasizing on quality on a unique way. This is accomplished through our deep knowledge of the area and the historical and cultural elements. Our goal is to give a quality service and give him an experiential time emphasizing on the local way of living or the local “secret” spots.


Experiential traveling is the new trend on tourism globally.

New experiences and emotions is the desired.

The mean is the interaction of senses from the external stimulation.

The result is a whole new reserve of memories.


The word has been traveling since antiquity. This same word refers to a trip: Exploring unknown coasts or covering sea routes around a coastal area. You are moving around the axis that defines the starting point, the origin, the memory. And you come back, richer in images, knowledge or experience.

Periplous in ancient times combined transition, mission execution and security. The trip confabulated with the coastal zone, the island or the continent, the traveler needed the scrawl, the respite, the resupply, the protection.

Today, we follow the traces of this ancient perception. We revive the journey as a quest, which has as a fixed point of reference the man who seeks experiences to build new images, new representations, new relationships and to offer himself the opportunity to become better, richer, mature. And ultimately more beautiful and more erotic.

Periplous is the love for the better, the deeper, the most authentic. The truest.

Periplous sails away. And you come along, on the boat and on the wave.


Quality on our services comes from a more than 20 years of experience and full certification of our guides.  Safety for us comes first and is the most important aspect of our services.

We follow all

necessary guidelines and rules regarding the safety of our clients.



After many years of experience on outdoor activities and with cultural knowledge on a cognitive basis as a starting point, we can assure a safe and truly unique traveling experience.

Safety is key for a relaxed and memorable time

All our guides are BCU certified.

We all are at trained First Aid.